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CHAMPIONS EDM dance/workouT




By taking some of the best old Latin world tenor power arias percussive (120 -130 BPM) its a whole evolutionary sound - very energetic & a great workout tool as well.











CHAMPIONS highlites classic tenor favorites (O Sole Mio/Luna Tu/Nessun Dorma etc.) in inimitable Federico vocal style. The album is a new addition to the fastest growing music genre in the world.


It was fun to unify the high energy of power tenor singing with the GROOVE of EDM. Add to that a dash of “Liberty City” rap with a positive message – it's creative convergence  of OPERA, HIP HOP & EDM music cultures …The CD also includes  sports songs & celebratory dance music .







CHAMPIONS is a hybrid of new sounds - combining  EDM (Electronic Dance Music) with classical orchestra -  featuring the full London Symphony and robust tenor vocals by Federico




track listings


  1. Champions

  2. Cancion Del Mar (Song of the Sea)

  3. Surrender

  4. Time to Say Goodbye Dance

  5. Russian Dance

  6. Nessun Dorma 

  7. O Sole Mio Dance

  8. Luna Tu 

  9. Besame Mucho 

  10. Desiderio  

  11. Caruso Dance





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