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Amore Intimo

"I love to sing. It is a special gift God gave to me.  My whole purpose for singing is to inspire and bring love and good emotions to people everywhere."





Have you ever gazed out your bedroom window at night into a sea of stars or lay in the grass on your back on lazy summer's evening watching the wispy clouds float by in a moonlit sky?


If there was music in those stars and clouds, what would they sound like?


On AMORE INTIMO, Federico's music offers a warm and passionate taste of that aerial symphony of love.



Rekindle the passion in your life ...


          So  lay back sometime with  the one you love and listen to this timeless collection of  love songs ...


Amore Intimo

track listings

  1. Oh Vienna!

  2. Un Nuovo Giorno (It’s a New Day)

  3. Time in a Bottle

  4. Le Tue Parole (In Your Words)

  5. (Ragazza di Citta) Summers End

  6. Eppure Sentire (I Sense You)

  7. Nessun Dorma!

  8. Canto Della Terra (Song of the Earth)

  9. Sogno (Dream)

  10.  Gli Ostacoli del Cuore (Obstacles in My Heart)

  11.  You Are So Beautiful

  12.  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

  13.  Bridge Over Troubled Waters

  14.  Angel Song (Rapsodia)

  15.  My Heart Will Go On

  16.  Come Un Fiume Tu (Your Love is Like a River)

  17.  Con Te Partiro (Time To Say Goodbye)





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